The Good Life
Beginning of a Perfect Evening III
Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade -The Good Life

From the same series that brought Kinkade enthusiasts Evening Majesty and the immensely popular Peaceful Retreat comes Thom's newest release - The Good Life. Offering collectors a rich mixture of nature's beauty and icons of Americana, The Good Life is sure to be sought after as it is the final installment in the series.

Here is what Thomas Kinkade had to say about The Good Life...

"I believe that each of us carries an image of the good life in a private place very near to our hearts. Because I am a painter, I visualize The Good Life in terms of a scene that embodies the virtues and values that are most precious to me.

In The Good Life, third and final piece in my Beginning of a Perfect Evening
collection, I have in effect set up my easel in that imagined space where God's bounty is manifest. It is an autumn evening: that season
and time when God seems to live in the radiant sky and charge his world with special grandeur.

I identify with the fisherman, perhaps because Christ described His followers as fishers of men, and certainly because the fisherman lives in a profound harmony with nature and receives its gifts with humble gratitude. Mountain streams such as this are abundant with fat brook trout; the smoke of a cook fire rises in the still mountain air.

Towering peaks embrace the valley, and light spills from the log cabin which seems ablaze with life. I imagine that my wife and daughters are
safely tucked away in that cottage, enjoying the pleasures of a comfortable domesticity, as they await my triumphant return with the
evening catch. Alone with my family, safe, peacefully savoring the glories of God's majestic creation that is my image of The Good
Life. I invite you to enjoy it with me."

The Good Life will be be offered as a 20" x 24", 24" x 30" and a 32" x 40" image. To learn more about The Good Life, please contact your Art of the South Consultant and they will be happy to help you.

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