The Cross
By Thomas Kinkade

The Cross by Thomas Kinkade

Available as: 12x24, 18x36, 24x48 and 30x60

Sometimes art is born of inspiration and sometimes of destiny. In the case of my epic painting The Cross I felt both.  As part of the redesign of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, I was asked to provide an image for use on a large wall. A very large wall. In fact as I examined the project, I discovered the surface in question was nearly 40 feet wide and almost 20 feet high truly a moment of destiny for any artist. 

To create the oil painting that would be the basis for the final mural, I utilized one of the largest canvases I have ever attempted in my studio. A full 6 feet wide, this canvas would be enlarged to create the final epic sized mural. I conceived the work as an extension of an earlier piece I had created entitled Sunrise. This painting would take that same vision of a rugged cross upon a mountaintop to new levels. The process was thrilling! As I worked it was as if heavenly light began to pour upon the canvas. It seemed that God's inspiration kept renewing me to the task at hand.

A final aspect of the creative process came when Franklin Graham himself suggested a fitting title for the work: The Cross. This simple title reflects the lifelong calling and legacy of his father, the evangelist Billy Graham.  My prayer is that this painting will bring hope to many just as Billy Graham has brought hope to millions through the gospel message.

    -Thomas Kinkade

1. The Cross was born after Thom received an honorable request to provide an image for a large wall, as part of a redesign of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thom attended the re-opening of the library in April of 2010, to unveil The Cross as a 32-foot mural.

2. Thom has included three hidden N's in The Cross as a symbol of love for his wife, Nanette.

3. The Cross is the third release in 2010, as well as the third release in the Epic Eight masterpieces scheduled to release in 2010.

4. Thom took inspiration from one of his prior releases,  Sunrise, to create this extraordinary work. Sunrise is now sold out in various sizes and editions, and is one of Thom's most successful pieces. The Cross is certain to follow the same path.

5. The Cross is being released in four unique sizes 12x24, 18x36, 24x48 and 30x60! Thom spent many hours perfecting this masterpiece the original canvas is an entire six feet long the largest Thom has ever painted!

6. Visitors to the Billy Graham Library will be able to see the amazing installation of  The Cross 32-foot mural - plus will also encounter highlights and memorabilia from Billy Graham's extraordinary life, a journey from the pastures and dirt roads of North Carolina to platforms and arenas in the world's greatest cities.

7.  The centerpiece of the Billy Graham Library is A Journey of Faith, a presentation that features multimedia displays and re-creations of historic moments in Billy Graham's life and ministry. Spanning the decades from the 1940s to the present, the exhibits show how God prepared and used this humble man to take the message of His unchanging love to an ever-changing world.

       Here is what Billy Graham has to say about Thom:  "God has certainly given you a wonderful talent, and we  are so glad that you have committed yourself to convey the Good News of the Gospel through each and every painting."

Thomas Kinkade Mural of the Cross at Billy Graham Ceremony
Tuesday April, 20, 2010 marked the re-dedication and reopening of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte North Carolina. The Library, after being closed for several months, opened with much fanfare. There were innumerable renovations and changes to the facility, including an accompaniment of a 15 foot by 31 foot mural called "The Cross" by Thomas Kinkade. A VIP gala was hosted by Franklin Graham on April 20th and the library was again open to the public on April 21. The event on April 20th highlighted many of the additions to the Billy Graham Library.

"This Library is a ministry," said Franklin Graham at the event, Several celebrities and associates of Billy Graham's ministry were in attendance at the gala which was held inside the lobby of the Billy Graham Library. Cliff Barrows, members of Billy Graham's family, and other friends of the ministry, were some of the attendees. When the Library was originally opened and dedicated, in May 2007, a ceremony was attended by three former presidents. At the original dedication, Billy Graham was there with Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush. Mr. Graham has had the honor of ministering to every sitting President since the 1940's.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was a presentation of a 31 foot mural created by Thomas Kinkade. Thom created the mural specifically for the Billy Graham Library.. The mural dominates one entire wall of the library located just outside the theater. The mural draws your attention to a hilltop cross, Beyond the cross is a beautiful sunrise highlighted by clouds lit by the rising sun.

As Mr. Kinkade unveiled the original oil painting, he made mention that his mother had decided to follow Jesus Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade. The original painting from which the mural was created is a massive six feet across. Prints of the painting will be available for purchase at Kinkade Galleries within a few days.
Thomas Kinkade's Mural of the Cross at the Billy Graham Library

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