Heading Home
Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade -Heading Home

June 2004 Release

"The soldier is alone as he is never alone in battle.

The weight of all he has seen and done, of the pain he has borne and the trials he has overcome bear down on his broad shoulders. The soldier's personal war is over: he is HEADING HOME.

I did not choose to show the warrior's face in my painting of the homecoming veteran. The hero of HEADING HOME is not an individual at all; he is the essence of the American soldier. We cannot tell whether he returns from Normandy, from Saigon, from Beirut. In a sense, he has spilled his blood on all those fields of honor.

Like all of us, the soldier walks the path of his life and finds himself under God's watchful eye, alone. He is bathed in a golden light that can only be called "heavenly." Like all God's children, his ultimate destination is a heavenly home, where he can know the sweet peace of divine love.

We cannot know whether he is HEADING HOME to hearth and family, to the pleasures of domestic love and a joyful reunion, or whether he may be returning instead to the bliss of heaven, which is the perfection of those earthly pleasures.

We can only wish him a joyful homecoming, and say a sublime word of thanks to the heroes of every generation!"

Thus are Thomas Kinkade's words on his newest and most stirring piece to date - Heading Home. Its simplicity somehow fills all who see it with a complex mixture of feelings and emotions and makes a statement that has been true since the dawn of man.

This June release is available in three sizes: 12x9, 16x12 and 20x16 and as always more information about this powerful piece can be had by contacting your Art of the South consultant.

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