Gone With The Wind
by Thomas Kinkade

Gone with the Wind by Thomas Kinkade
Available in the Following Sizes: 12x18, 18x27, 24x36, & 28x42

"In my painting, Gone With The Wind, I wanted to capture the central romance, but also give a small taste of the gentile old south. Fragrant flowers and lush rolling hills surround Tara, the homestead of the O’Hara family, and serve as quiet sentinels to this way of life. My painting is populated with favorite film characters and rendered in small cinematic vignettes designed to capture all of the drama and nostalgia of this Hollywood spectacular. I truly hope this painting delights all fans of GONE WITH THE WIND. Beyond this, I pray it reminds us all that true love does exist."
- Thomas Kinkade

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Special Certificate

Take a close look at this beautifully designed certificate of authenticity representing the romantic love between Rhett and Scarlett!


Look Closely
Can you find these classic characters and hidden shapes?

1. 3 hat shapes for Rhett
2. 3 ribbon shapes for Scarlet
3. Ashley Wilkes
4. Gerald O’Hara
5. Mammy
6. Melanie Hamilton Wilkes
7. Prissy
8. Rhett Butler
9. Scarlett O’Hara


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