Charleston, Sunset on Rainbow Row
Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade - Charleston Sunset on Rainbow Row

August 2004 Release

"The Kinkade family delights in travel. One of our recurring discoveries is Charleston, South Carolina, where the heart of the Old South lives on. The feeling that I get when I visit Charleston is nostalgic, romantic, as if I had somehow stepped back in time. So, as I worked on my studio treatment of "Charleston, Sunset on Rainbow Row", I've filled my streets with vintage cars and passersby wearing simple yet timeless garb. Step aboard the horse-drawn carriage for a leisurely visit to Rainbow Row!" - Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade has decided to bring a little of the Southern life to our walls with his release of Charleston, Sunset on Rainbow Row. As Art of the South has its roots in the sweet South, you can imagine our delight with this new piece. With such an interesting title and vibrant colors, we bet you are wanting to know a little more about the setting. Well, prepare yourself a mint julep while we gather our notes.

The colorful houses portrayed in Kinkade's piece were originally built in the mid 1700s and were the center of Charleston's commerce. This is because the first floors usually contained shops while the upper levels were reserved for the living quarters. Their unique style was the first introduced to Charleston and to this day remain an important part of the city's rich history.

As time moved on, many of the weathered homes began to face the possibility of being torn down due to their age and condition so in 1920, residents, alarmed by the irreplaceable loss of history, formed the Society for Preservation of Old Dwelling Houses. Soon afterwards, their efforts focused on the area between Tradd and Elliot Streets. The seventeen houses were bought and restored to their former glory with a bit of a colorful twist. And so the fruits of their labors are now what we know as Rainbow Row!

Now that you know a bit more about the subject - we are also betting you might want to know more about the image. Well, we can help you there too! This August release is available in three sizes: 18x27, 24x36 and 28x42 and as always more information about this nostalgic piece can be had by contacting your Art of the South consultant.

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